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my 24 hour comic

took 22 hours. and then a little longer for some edits but. I’ve still got another hour till my 24 is officially up, and I’m definitely gonna be snoozing.

For having no planning except a selkie design and a rough concept of the girl, I think I did alright. I definitely pushed my self to try new things and, I’m happy about that. there are some things I’d like to tweak but… NOPE! IM DONE!

I also learned how much I can get done when I don’t distract myself so much. have to figure out how to rein that in haha.

also, if you’re curious about the title! fun fact time thanks to wikipedia (so it may or may not be true)

Selkies (also known as silkies or selchies) are mythological creatures found in FaroeseIcelandic,[1] Irish,[2] and Scottish folklore. The word derives from earlier Scots selich, (from Old English seolh meaning seal)

okay. sleep time. 


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Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 


Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 



I’m so ready for the month-long skeleton party

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I just don’t understand where this concept of ‘fake geek girls’ came from. Like, AT ALL.

Cus when I look for fandom related stuff like 90% of the fan art and the fanfiction and the meta, zines, comics, etc. Like 90% of the shit that I’ve seen is created by women & girls.

And all that stuff take’s a lot of work and research and critical analysis and staring at reference photos for hours.

We are literally the most well versed and invested group in the fandom. So, like, What the fuck boys? You mad you can’t keep up?

I saw an argument, and I can’t find it now, but it totally made sense, that there’s a gender split in fandom. Male fandom tends to be a curator fandom; male fandom collects, organizes, and memorizes facts and figures. Male fandom tends to be KEEPERS of the canon; the fandom places great weight on those who have the biggest collection, the deepest knowledge of obscure subjects, the first appearances, creators, character interactions.

Female fandom is creative. Females create fanart, cosplay, fanwritings. Female fandom ALTERS canon, for the simple reason that canon does not serve female fandom. In order for it to fit the ‘outsider’ (female, queer, POC), the canon must be attacked and rebuilt, and that takes creation.

"Male" fandom devalues this contribution to fandom, because it is not the ‘right’ kind of fandom. "Girls only cosplay for attention, they’re not REAL fans!" "Fanfiction is full of stupid Mary Sues, girls only do it so they can make out with the main character!" "I, a male artist, have done this pin-up work and can put it in my portfolio! You, a female artist, have drawn stupid fanart, and it’s not appropriate to use as a professional reference!"

In the mind of people who decry the ‘fake geek girl,’ this fandom is not as worthy. It damages, or in their mind, destroys the canon. What is the point of memorizing every possible romantic entanglement of heterosexual white Danny Rand if someone turns around and creates a fanwork depicting him as a bisexual female of Asian descent (thus subverting Rand’s creepy ‘white savior’ origins)? When Danny Rand becomes Dani Rand, their power is lessened. What is important to them ceases to be the focus of the discussion. Creation and curatorship can work in tandom, but typically, in fandom, they are on opposite poles.

This is not to say that there aren’t brilliant male cosplayers or smashing female trivia experts, this is to say that the need of the individual fan is met with opposing concepts: In order for me to find myself in comics, I need to make that space for myself, and that is a creative force. Het white cis males are more likely to do anything possible to defend and preserve the canon because the canon is built to cater to them.

This is genuinely the best post I have ever read.

Comment bolded by me because effing important that’s why.

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I laughed too hard not to reblog this here.

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It’s a vicious cycle, and it never ends. Except when it finally does, and you’re left with a grotesque mess that could never live up to expectations…

It’s a vicious cycle, and it never ends. Except when it finally does, and you’re left with a grotesque mess that could never live up to expectations…


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"Me Too" pages 6-8

original comic continued from pages 1-5

To be continued with more pages
maybe 15-18 total.  




"Me Too"

This was difficult for me, and I’ve been trying to avoid making this comic for a while, but this is a story that I’ve needed to tell for a long time. 

The first five pages of a very personal short comic about one of my best friends, the actual: ‘Isaia’, and something that happened between us about 13 years ago. 

It’ll be maybe 12-17 pages total. 

To be continued..

"'I think we could, it’s a matter of when. It’s a matter of what are those dates, it’s a matter of juggling multiple, successful franchises. Is there a downside to managing multiple, successful franchises? I believe we’re figuring out that there is, which is having the time to do them all. So, at what point do we hold back a franchise or have three or four years between parts of a franchise in order to introduce new ones? Or do you introduce new ones within the body of the films? We’re looking at all those things right now.'"

Kevin Feige’s response when asked if Marvel is open to a Black Panther movie or a movie with a female lead.

Excuses. “Matter of when”, “matter of juggling franchises”. But it’s so easy to throw up Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy? One movie that nobody wanted and another movie that appears to have no connection at all to the current MCU? But as long as there are white male leads, you can make all the plans you want. Give me a break.

When will it ever be the precise, correct time for a blockbuster superhero movie with a black lead? Or a female lead? Or god forbid a woman of color? When?

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Greenlighting GotG2 before GotG1 even is released, let alone having box office figures to assess its success.

The implication is that the prospect of holding back an existing franchise from having more than one sequel outweighs the inclusion of movies about other characters that supposedly are just as valued by Marvel. 

Another way to look at it is to re-evaluate what is considered fixed and what is considered variable.  He mentions finding the time.  One possibility would be to release three movies a year instead of two.  Probably they don’t have the support staff for a 50% expansion in capacity just now.  But I’ll bet if they post an ad or two they could get sufficient applicants to cover the new roles.

I believe Feige when he says they “could”.  That they aren’t is what speaks volumes.

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